Sacred Nectar Gold Necklace

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The Sacred Nectar Gold Necklace was designed for this collection, because just like autumn, with the change and fall of leaves, we are in constant internal changes and spiritual evolution.

The Gold Necklace is represented by the Celtic knot and is a sacred symbol of ancient Celtic culture (tribes that inhabited regions extending from the Iberian Peninsula and British Isles to Asia Minor between 1200 BC and 500 AD)

According to the wisdom of these peoples, it is a symbol of great power and spirituality, which represents the eternity and interconnectivity of life, where everything is intertwined. Also known as the knot of infinite love, it protects people from negative energies from the outside and reinforces the cyclical idea of eternal renewal.

Celtic knots are endless paths and also metaphors of life, where everything grows through the transition of life. New learning, dreams, people, goals, changes, transformations.

It can also provide you with a greater reflection on God's or the Universe's love for your children, serving to connect you with the profound meaning of this symbol, that of infinite, unconditional love. And also to remind you that you are light and came from the divine source and to the divine source will return someday.


Product Details

- Gold Necklace was handmade in the South of France

- 14 Gold filled Chain

- 18K Gold Vermeil Celtic Knots Pendant

Gold Necklace Size 45cm

*Each piece is handmade with love. I charge every crystal with healing Reiki energy and cleanse it with Palo Santo prior to shipment. __________________________________________________________________________________________ It arrives with a beautiful rustic bag just for you! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please take off when swimming, showering or when you're doing sport or yoga. __________________________________________________________________________________________ *Our jewellery are handmade to order within 2-4 business days and may take 10 days or more to arrive to an international destination outside of Europe.

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