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The Light between Oceans Collection 

The pearl is an ancient and very precious gemstone that can be grown in both fresh and saltwater and is also known as the "Queen of Gems." It takes its name because it is a rare, pure and healing gemstone.

Pearls can be grown in two ways: point- on, in which a grain of sand enters the shell and to protect itself, surrounds the body with layers of nacre, forming the pearl. Or cultivated, where a foreign body, which can be a part of another mollusc, is injected into the oyster, and then the mollusc takes care of covering it with several layers of nacre until it forms the pearl.

The pearl is considered a lunar symbol linked to water and women. In a hidden shell, the pearl represents the yin principle: an essential symbol of creative femininity.

Still, in its creative symbology, the pearl is considered "the intellectual light in the heart" because acquiring it requires enormous effort, either for the truth or by knowledge.

The Gemstone Choker was designed and inspired by the woman as a rare and unique jewel. Full of charms and differences, but sometimes it needs something to awaken to life. Sometimes they're like the pearls hidden inside their shells. Therefore the pendant used is a shell, symbol of fecundity, inner beauty and expression of female libido and which can potentially carry within itself a pearl.


 Product Details

- Handmade with natural cultured freshwater pearl in the South of France

-  Shell Gold Vermeil Pendant 18K and all details in Gold filled 14K

- Gemstone Choker 37 cm + Gold filled 14K adjustable chain



In China pearl powder is used in the cure of various diseases. In India it is used as modern therapy for its revitalizing and aphrodisiac properties. Among the Greeks the symbology is completely distinct, the pearl is considered the symbol of love and marriage.

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