"Les Amoureux" Bracelet

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"Les Amoureux" Bracelet was designed and inspired by the love of the other. How we relate and how we develop selfless gestures with everyone around us. It allows us to reflect that love is an everyday construction. The chosen gemstone was the cultured freshwater pearl and according to Greek culture, it is the symbol of love and marriage. A pearl can awaken femininity, creativity, and purity, healing and purifying our energies, helps in skin rejuvenation, revitalizing and aphrodisiac and it helps reduce stress.

Love for others, is teaching, learning, and sharing. It is helping others without expecting something in return, it is an act of compassion and empathy without being carried away by pride or ego. Therefore, loving the other is caring for the other's life, and treating them with respect, empathy, welcoming who they are.

And to help others, you need to love yourself first, because a person can only help others when love exists within them. When a person cultivates love within himself, it becomes so great that the person feels the need to spread it to the people around him. When you donate with your heart, you receive it back in the same proportion. It is a constructive exchange.

As important as developing that noble feeling, it is making the right choices and having appropriate attitudes with everyone, that really impact the lives of people who cross our path and need our help.


Product Details

 - Bracelet was handmade with Pearl (nacre) in the South of France

- 18K Gold Vermeil details

- Bracelet 17 cm + 5cm adjustable chain in 14K Gold Filled 



The pearl is an ancient and very precious stone that can be grown in both fresh and saltwater and is also known as the "Queen of Gems". It takes its name because it is a rare, pure, and healing gemstone.

In China, pearl powder is used in the cure of various diseases. In India, it is used as a modern therapy for its revitalizing and aphrodisiac properties. Among the Greeks the symbology is completely distinct, the pearl is considered the symbol of love and marriage.

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