Moonlight Gold Necklace

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The Moonlight Gold Necklace was designed and inspired by this phase of the moon, as it is the phase of rebirth and decision. Along with the moonstone that works and floras its feminine energy.

It is in the darkness of the night that the moon lights up and manifests itself divinely in its 4 phases. The reflection that the crescent moon provides us is that we must point out an intention for change.

It drives with its energy, growth, and renewal of life. It is the ideal time to have absolute confidence in yourself, in your intuition and feminine energy, and fight for your life projects.

That is, just like the moon, you need to be born every night and leave, to be reborn the next day with more strength, courage, and strengthen your inner beauty.

Reborn with new ideas, dreams, values, feelings, attitudes, projects, emotions, and challenges, to overcome your limits and win.


Product Details

- Gold Necklace was handmade with Moonstone in the South of France

- 14K Gold Filled Chain

- 18K Gold Vermeil Moon Pendant and 18K Gold Vermeil Moonstone Pendant

- Gold Necklace Size 42cm



The Moonstone symbolizes the resumption of a new life, as well as the phases of the moon. Crystal of creativity, intuition, and feminine power, as it balances feminine energy and brings healing to various physical and spiritual ills.

Moreover, it serves for protection and to organize your emotions, increasing your unconditional love, and promoting emotional healing throughout our being.

*See more details about Gemstone in Shop by Gemstone.

*Each piece is handmade with love. I charge every crystal with healing Reiki energy and cleanse it with Palo Santo prior to shipment. __________________________________________________________________________________________ It arrives with a beautiful rustic bag just for you! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please take off when swimming, showering or when you're doing sport or yoga. __________________________________________________________________________________________ *Our jewellery are handmade to order within 2-4 business days and may take 10 days or more to arrive to an international destination outside of Europe.

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