Aphrodite Goddess Necklace

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The Aphrodite Goddess Necklace was designed and inspired by the beauty and feminine power that each woman carries within her. The main Gemstone used is the Quartz Rose, which symbolizes unconditional love and, together with the other Gemstones, will intensify your energy. The erotic power of this Goddess will bring to you the feeling of confidence, self-worth, and self-love that you need so much to move forward in any area of ​​your life, especially the loving one.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, beauty, fertility, and sexuality. She had a strong influence on people's sexual development and pleasure.

She was considered the personification of the ideal of beauty of the Greeks in Antiquity. And in the Modern Age, it served as inspiration for several artists of the Renaissance.

In ancient Greece, especially in the cities of Sparta, Athens, and Corinth, it was worshiped and associated with sensual pleasures. For this reason, she was also considered the protector of "women of life," and hence the term "aphrodisiac."

Women who manifest the Aphrodite archetype are fascinated by men and are much desired. The strength of attraction, the ability to give yourself completely to love, and to make life revive in its abundance is what you need to learn from the women of Aphrodite to spread more beauty and Love wherever you go.

The Pendant used was Rose Quarts symbolizing unconditional love.


Product details

- Necklace is Handmade with Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Garnet, and Moonstone in the South of France

- 18K Gold Vermeil Rose Quartz Pendant and all set

ails in 14K Gold Filled 

- Necklace - 77cm


Rose Quartz

It is the Crystal of love and success in love relationships, helping to solve emotional problems and harmonizing relationships. This gemstone represents unconditional love, and calms and reassures the spirit, and ignites the pink flame of that love in our hearts. In meditation, Rose Quartz stimulates the Heart chakra, as it "teaches" the true essence of love, purifying and opening the heart, allowing inner healing and an increase in self-love and self-esteem.


The Crystal represents selfless love and compassion. Favours emotional healing, eliminates irrational fears and releases repressed feelings.

Rhodochrosite inspires a dynamic and positive attitude, increasing self-esteem, reducing stress, and favoring relationships a lot.

What's more, it helps to balance all the Chakras and is excellent for purifying the Solar Plexus as it helps to bring out the deepest painful feelings.


Garnet is a powerful Crystal of success, personal strength, attracts prosperity, promotes professional growth, generates vitality, and energy protection.

It recharges and purifies our energy, increases our determination, and opens doors for the realization of our dreams and goals. 


The Crystal symbolizes the resumption of a new life, as well as the cycles of the moon. Crystal of creativity, intuition, and feminine power, as it balances feminine energy and brings healing to various physical and spiritual ills. Moreover, it serves for protection and to organize your emotions, increasing your unconditional love, and promoting emotional healing throughout our being.

*See more details about Gemstone in Shop by Gemstone.

*Each piece is handmade with love. I charge every crystal with healing Reiki energy and cleanse it with Palo Santo prior to shipment. __________________________________________________________________________________________ It arrives with a beautiful rustic bag just for you! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please take off when swimming, showering or when you're doing sport or yoga. __________________________________________________________________________________________ *Our jewellery are handmade to order within 2-4 business days and may take 10 days or more to arrive to an international destination outside of Europe.

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