Sea Treasures Choker

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The Sea Treasures Choker was designed and inspired by the sea and its treasures, full of charms and surprises, and in the blue topaz gemstone for being a stone that opens our paths, helps in our spiritual evolution, and connects us with the divine source.

The ocean provides us with one of nature's greatest treasures, water, marine life, and plenty of wisdom, so it deserves all our respect and care in its preservation.

The treasures of the sea are like our feelings and emotions stored in our hearts.

The ocean represents the depths of the subconscious, the unknown parts of the mind, emotions, feelings, which are not visible on the surface. That is, we also have to unravel the deep mysteries of our psyche, going deep into our own emotions and subconscious or unconscious mind

The ocean is also connected to the soul and the quiet part of our inner self. It connects with our essence of light.

The universe, nature, and life believe in you; all you have to do is believe. Observe and improve what you keep inside yourself, so you can evolve and attract marvelous things in your life.


Product Details

- Gemstone Choker is Handmade with Apatite, Amazonite, and Blue Topaz in the South of France

- Blue Topaz Pendant and all details in Gold filled 14K

- Gemstone Choker 37 cm + 5cm adjustable chain 



It is a Gemstone that has the power to illuminate, detoxify, develop the psyche, attract positive changes in life, provide personal development and spiritual evolution. In addition to awakening our extrasensory abilities, the gemstone allows an increase in intuition and the expansion of consciousness. This gemstone balances the Kundalini energy protects the Aura and disintegrates negative vibrations from individuals and environments. It can activate and strengthen the Frontal chakra, contributing to the strengthening of mediumship and connection with the spiritual side.


It is a particular Gemstone that attracts good luck, strengthens the mind, promotes learning, awakens creativity, and purifies energies.

 Blue Topaz

The blue topaz is a gemstone that opens our paths, helps in our spiritual evolution, and connects us with the divine source.

Topaz guides us to our personal growth, attracts prosperity and abundance, assists, and strengthens our mental capacity.

It helps us in energy blocks, attracts opportunities, increases creativity, and helps in achieving our goals and dreams.

*See more details about Gemstones in Shop by Gemstone.

*Each piece is handmade with love. I charge every crystal with healing Reiki energy and cleanse it with Palo Santo prior to shipment. __________________________________________________________________________________________ It arrives with a beautiful rustic bag just for you! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please take off when swimming, showering or when you're doing sport or yoga. __________________________________________________________________________________________ *Our jewellery are handmade to order within 2-4 business days and may take 10 days or more to arrive to an international destination outside of Europe.

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