Mystic Summer Choker

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The Mystic Summer Choker was designed and inspired by the green of the sea. The color green means hope, freedom, health, vitality, and symbolizes the environment. This color is also associated with growth, renewal, and the fullness of living. It still reassures and harmonizes any setting, bringing good energies and vibrations.

The European summer is almost over, and it is always mystical, as it is long-awaited, enjoyed, and admired. But joy, warmth, and good energies continue in our hearts giving us courage and courage for the long winter.

Some say that winter is cold and gray, you can look and complain or thank for all the achievements and dreams realized that would manifest in your life over the year.

You choose to see the life and seasons of the colors you want and feel as you wish. You're what you believe to be, and you choose to be wherever you want. Choose to live and follow the paths you want to. And he also chooses with whom to share moments of happiness, collaboration, love, and abundance.

Life is made up of choices all the time. Each person has the free will to choose what they want and is also responsible for their decisions.


Product Details

- Gemstone Choker is Handmade with Moss Agata in the South of France

- Details in 14K Gold Filled

- Gemstone Choker of 37cm +  5cm Real Gold Plated adjustable chain


Moss Agate

The Moss Agate is a protective Crystal and favors physical health. It protects and strengthens our bioenergetic field, balances Yin and Yang energies, harmonizes emotions, and eliminates the negative energies of environments.

It also stimulates mental abilities, increasing self-confidence, and removes all types of energy blockages.

*See more details about Gemstone in Shop by Gemstone.


*Each piece is handmade with love. I charge every crystal with healing Reiki energy and cleanse it with Palo Santo prior to shipment. __________________________________________________________________________________________ It arrives with a beautiful rustic bag just for you! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please take off when swimming, showering or when you're doing sport or yoga. __________________________________________________________________________________________ *Our jewellery are handmade to order within 2-4 business days and may take 10 days or more to arrive to an international destination outside of Europe.

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