How to purify & charge your Gemstone Jewelry ?

Before energizing, it is necessary to clean the crystal with water and salt. But be careful, this process is only used before the Jewelry is made or if it is a crystal that will be used for another purpose. And never with the Jewelry, as they can spoil it.

There are several ways to energize your Gemstone Jewelry. Below we quote 10 ways that we know of it. There may be others.

1. Solar energization

Just leave your Jewelry exposed to sunlight. The best time to do this is in the morning. But beware, each crystal needs a specific time to energize, and not everyone can energize with sunlight.

 2. Lunar energy

You can leave your Jewelry exposed all night. Ideally, this process should be done on the new or full moon, as it is when the moon reaches its peak of good energies and vibrations. The moon has more feminine, sensitive and intuitive energy.

3. Ground energization

 As the crystals came from the earth, they can be energized in contact with it. To do this, simply place your Jewelry in your yard or a plant pot. Leave them there for a few hours. Give preference to environments where the land is surrounded by vegetation and where there is no water so as not to spoil them.

4. Energizing by Gemstones

Some crystals are self-refilling. That is, they attract vital energy from the universe to their interior alone. Besides, they can transmit their power to other stones by merely staying in direct contact with them. Among the crystals that can be used in this method, we have Citrine, Granada, Alabaster, Selenite, Diamond, etc.

5. Hands-on energization (Reiki)

 Reiki is the act of transmitting good energy through the laying on of hands and positive thoughts. It can also be used to energize your crystals or Jewelry. But for that, the person must have the knowledge and a Reiki certificate for the proper procedure.

6. Energizing by the force of the pyramids

The pyramids attract and direct vital energies inside. So, if you leave your crystal or Jewelry for a few hours inside a pyramid, that energy will be directed to it. The orgonite pyramids also help in this process.

7. Energization by fire

Another way to energize crystals is through fire. Use the flame of a candle to heat your Gemstone or Jewel lightly and have an energetic effect. Attention, use only the heat of the candle fire and not directly on the fire.

8. Energizing with palo santo or white sage

The 2 are natural incenses used to purify and protect your crystals or Jewelry. The first is a sacred wood, and the second is a sacred plant. Several cultures benefited from the properties of these natural incense, among them, the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans. Shamans use them as medicine, for spiritual healing and sacred rituals.

9. Energization by Ho'oponopono

Ho 'oponopono is a Hawaiian technique, meditation, mantra or process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation.

 It has the ability to restore inner harmony and harmony in anyone's interpersonal relationships. There are four simple steps. You must touch specific points on the head and repeat, "I'm sorry," "Please forgive me," "I love you" and "I am grateful or thank you." You can do this with a mala meditation made with Gemstones or another Gemstone Jewel of your choice.

 "The idea is to do it 108 times, as it is the number of universal love confirmed by God or the Divine Source. Therefore, you must use this number to request something and have divine confirmation. In Ho'oponopono when you repeat the prayer, you will be expanding your power of forgiveness and gratitude and accelerating the results ".

10. Energizing through prayer

Prayers are always potent, and it is a simple method of how to energize crystals and also Jewelry. Hold your Jewelry, close your eyes and say a prayer with a specific intention. Thank the Universe or the Divine Source and Mother Earth Gaïa for all the blessings that we can achieve by connecting and being in tune with unconditional love and universal peace.

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