About the brand

Welcome to our magical world of Infinite possibilities and gemstones...

One of the most frequent questions we get is:
What's the meaning of inspiration to you?
Inspiration looks and feels a little different for everyone. It's that when that inner flame kicks in and you think that passion and motivation to do something. 

Milla Mello expressive jewels became our inspiration to design expressive and poetic crystal jewels for an illuminated life, handmade in the South of France, that could bring Style to people's life, healing and protection energy. Our brand work with the Principles of Quantum Healing Crystals. Our magic Collection are also inspired by Sacred Feminine, Nature, Spirituality, Arts, Travel and the Shamanic Archetypes. 

Our brand use crystals and sacred symbols to connect with the energy of Mother Nature Gaïa, art, feminine energy, different cultures, and life. Life full of magic and spirituality. We are also a eco-conscious brand that respects the values ​​of nature. All in total harmony with the world that surrounds us.

Milla Mello expressive jewels is a Crystal and Gemstones Jewelry Store to connect people from all over the world, making them believe in their power to manifest dreams, through the choice of their Crystal. We believe that anyone can create their reality, have an intention, make the correct visualization of the life that always wanted to have. It is enough for this dedication and discipline in your goals and release to the Universe your request.

The essence of our brand is inspired by the Lotus Flower and her meaning.

*Lotus flower

At the same time that the lotus flower is born and grows in muddy and murky waters, it nourishes itself from this clay, so soon after blooming exuberant and fragrant. It is sacred and symbolizes the divine rebirth, love, strength, purity, transformation and awakening of a new human being. Its beauty means the triumph of all human adversities and clay represent darkness or our shadows.

Every night she closes and plunges into this swamp to the next day reborn magnificent and face the glare of the sun and a new day. That is, every night, every person needs to die to be reborn the next day with more strength and beauty. Reborn with new ideas, dreams, values, feelings, attitudes, projects, emotions.

It also represents the power of our persistence and the ability to learn every day, turning our problems and difficulties into potentialities and later victories, success, prosperity, and abundance. His strength demonstrates his ability to overcome great crises and challenges and show the world its true essence and purpose of life.

Each person can go deep and transcend, transmute, awaken, shine and light your way! Everything happens to our best.


Every woman is a rare jewel.
Choose your crystal, feel the energy
and unleash it's power.
We women, can make magic with our hands
and transmit good energies with the heart.
Focus on your dreams, visualize, manifest
your intention to the Universe, 
dedicate yourself to achieving your goals 
and all your dreams will come true.
Release the inner Goddess that exists in you.
Every woman is unique and has her own!

                                                        Milla Mello

About Milla

I'm Milla. I am brazilian, with portuguese and italian descent, but I have lived for a long time in Canada and Spain. I currently live in the South of France, since 2012. I have a Bachelor's degree in Tourism Administration and a Master's degree in Cultural Management. I speak portuguese, english, spanish and french.
I am also Reiki Certified  (Energetic treatment with the laying on of hands), Lithotherapy (the study of Gemstones) and Photography.

Interested in Personal Development and Quantum Physics.

I recharge myself with Shamanic rituals, Energetic treatments, Gong bath, Healthy eating, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, travel, writing, nature and my dreams. I am so passionate about photos, music, dance, books, movies, poetry, different cultures, decoration and arts in general.

I'm Maya's mom also, one of my sources of inspiration. I have a sensitive and wise child that teaches me more than learning. Because of this light human being, which illuminates my life, my Crystal of unconditional love, I have discovered that I can create crystal jewels and donate love with the Reiki I place in them.

I always loved to know about crystals and I collected many in my childhood. But I really found my inspiration for handmade jewels when I became a mother and decided that I want to be more present in my daughter's life. 

Selling my intentional jewelry allowed me to see my daughter growing up and the flexibility to work on something meaningful and creative that would also fill my soul with more love and gratitude.

The path of light that I believe in is that of constant learning, self-knowledge, self-responsibility, self-love, emotional balance and spirituality. With Yoga, Meditation, Quantum physics and the energy of Crystals provide us with this encounter and reunion with our inner self and spiritual evolution. A road full of challenges, but also full of magnificent discoveries.

No one needs to be different from anyone, nor equal to anyone else, but make a difference in your own life, in people's lives and create your sacred lifestyle of abundance. There is a place for all manifestations of love in the world.

Love and Gratitude!


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