This Crystal is well known for its health and energy benefits. In addition to protection, it purifies environments and thoughts, detoxifies and cleanses the physical and emotional body.

It can increase your intuition and connect your physical, mental, and emotional body with spirituality. Therefore, it allows the psychological help through good thoughts and the physical body generating more vitality.

 It can be found in different colors: green, black, blue, and pink tourmaline.


 -Personal protection against negative energies;

- Energy therapies;

- Purification of ambient energy;

- Improvement in concentration;

- Filters magnetic pollution and radiation;

- Protects against the evil eye;

- Protects against energetic vampires;

- Purifies environments;

- Purifies and balances chakras;

- Treat localized pain;

- Improves overall health;

- Neutralizes the energies of envy or anger;

- It captures energy from the planet's atmosphere and emits ion particles;

- Reduces the negative effects of electromagnetic waves from electronic equipment;

- Enables the emission of infrared radiation;

- Improves circulation;

- Increases physical vitality;

- Increases immunity;

- Favors spinal realignment;

- Helps to relax, dispel stress, and tension.

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