Lapis Lazuli


Like most blue gemstones, it stimulates and activates the 5th Chakra (of the throat).It attracts wisdom and is recognized as a highly spiritual gemstone, as it helps in your creativity, clears thoughts, improves your communication, increases self-confidence and promotes the balance of your personality's yin and yang energies. 

It also allows the opening of the 6th Chakra (third eye), developing our abilities as intuition and deep connection with the inner self. This crystal is also perfect for meditation, as there is an expansion of consciousness and allows us to understand facts that we usually would not even be able to perceive. 

Furthermore, this gemstone was highly valued by the ancient Egyptians for its healing properties, both in the respiratory system, in the nervous system and the immune system.


- Attract wisdom,

- Spiritual evolution,

- Develop creativity,

- Clarify thoughts,

- Improve communication,

- Increase confidence in yourself,

- Balancing the Yin and Yang energies,

- Increase intuition,

- Healing power.

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