Labradorite is a Crystal of care for its therapeutic use and is considered by many as a magic crystal of power and high protection. In addition, it is a transforming gemstone that can awaken your psychic, mystical and spiritual abilities. El can also help you find your self-confidence and guide your intuition in times of emotional uncertainty.

Labradorite is named after the city where it was first discovered in the Labrador region of Canada. It features a magnificent glow in white gray, pale green, and different shades of bluish, with shimmering gold spots. And the aurora boreal are compared, a luminous phenomenon that can be seen in the sky, and that stems from the contact of certain electrical particles with high energy and the atmosphere.

This Crystal expands our consciousness, prevents loss of energy from the Aura, activates clairvoyance, and connects us with universal or divine source energy.

Its highly spiritual vibrations facilitate initiation into magic, help to remember our spiritual purpose, and awaken intuition and psychic abilities.


- Energy and spiritual protection;
- Blocks spiritual attacks and purifies the Aura;
- Accelerates our spiritual evolution;
- Expands awareness;
- Strengthens intuition and mental power;
- Awakens psychic gifts;
- Facilitates initiation in magic and esoteric studies;
- Energy protection for therapists.

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