Green Jade


Derived from the Spanish "piedra de hijada", the word "Jade" means "piedra del flanco". For many peoples, it is believed that the name arose from the indigenous tradition of using Gemstone as a healing tool.

For orientals the Gemstone is symbol of purity and can provide calm, serenity, love and balance of the emotional state. In Egypt and also in the West, specifically in Mexico, ancient peoples also used it to heal their sick.

In addition to her beauty, she is known for her benefits to the physical, spiritual and emotional body.


- It dissipates people's bad energies, functioning as a protective stone,

- Improves the emotional state - allied to the 4th chakra, this Gemstone brings balance of our emotions,

- Harmonizes environments,

- Increases concentration, brings peace, serenity and calm,

- It contributes to our immune system,

- It promotes the development of balance and helps prevent fear and phobia,

- By bringing calm and serenity, it contributes to decision making and sleep quality,

- Widely used also in anti-aging therapies,

- It attracts prosperity and abundance,

- Balances the chakras and strengthens spirituality.

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