Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz is a gemstone of protection, healing, wisdom and one of the crystals of greatest spiritual value.

In addition to its healing power, this gemstone can clear the mind, amplify people's positive energies, acting on the energetic unlocking of all chackras, allowing the body's vital energy to circulate freely.

The Clear Quartz also favors the balance between body, soul and the emotional side of people. When used in meditation, it connects us to our deep inner wisdom.



- Increases positive energy potential,

- It has healing properties,

- Self-knowledge,

- Facilitates the clarification of thoughts,

- Increases concentration,

- Help in meditation,

- Emotional balance,

- Enhances the qualities and skills,

- Protects every kind of relationship,

- Help with reasoning,

- Purification of energies from the environment and people (Aura).

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