Amethyst is one of the gemstones most associated with the crown chakra, helping to harmonize all the energies, purifying the body, the mind and the spirit. it is a powerful gemstone for protection, healing, vitality and spiritual elevation.

It awakens the spiritual side, strengthening intuition and assisting meditation. And together with rose quartz, it provides a more peaceful and restful sleep.



- Helps to center the mind and assists in decision making, as it captures information from higher plans,

- Improves spiritual development and strengthens the connection with the Divine,

- Accelerates the development of psychic and intuitive skills,

- Helps to calm emotions, relax the mind and strengthen the aura,

- Helps purify the body, as it improves metabolism,

- Helps to identify the root behind behaviours, habits and emotional patterns that create imbalance,

- It neutralizes negative thinking patterns and practices.

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